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Our Goal as a Commercial Finance Broker is to Build Your Wealth Through Wise Financing of Commercial Real Estate and Businesses

We Assist You with Quality Financing of Your Properties or Your Business Leading to Higher Profits

Financing Commercial Real Estate Tenants

Commercial Loans

Wide variety of loan options for real estate and businesses

Commercial Real Estate Asset Management

Asset Management

We provide you an overall view and expert advice on how to save money

Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Does your business need help? We have written hundreds of business plans.

Commercial Loans for Real Estate and Businesses

Owners and Landlords

Need someone to help you finance your commercial property or business?

Commercial Real Estate Asset Management

Buyers and Investors

There are a wide variety of financing opportunities for buyers.

Business Consulting

Residential Real Estate Agents

Come invest in commercial. The reward is worth it.

Financing Commercial Real Estate Tenants


Wide range of business loans to help your business grow. Or, buy your own building!

Wealth Building Through Investment Property or Business Purchases, Asset Management & Intelligent Financing

You’ve Come to the Right Place

Commercial finance is both complex and simple.  Every transaction is similar in many ways while also being different from all others in some way.

Having a finance partner who is able to guide the transaction — and is able to embrace each nuance while keeping your interest as the guiding principle — provides you the comfort of knowing that risks are mitigated and a clean transaction can be had, even in complex scenarios.

What Makes Cap Ex Management Different?
Cap Ex Management Commercial Finance

360-Degree Service

Cap Ex Management has extensive commercial real estate, business and finance services experience giving us a broader view of transactions. Contact us to find out how our unique perspective can help you make more money.

Tailored Projects

Our extensive skills are fully focused on understanding the challenges of each commercial real estate or business transaction and listening carefully to the concerns of stakeholders. Our goal is to return as much money as possible to the investor or owners.

Paying It Forward

Cap Ex Management’s skills are so highly in demand that it teaches finance to residential and new commercial agents.