Business Consulting

Always Focused on the Right Business Strategy Maximizing Your Return

Business Consulting services consist of activities to solve complex business-related matters for our clients. Both our real estate clients and our business owners/buyers periodically require Cap Ex Management to provide comprehensive solutions to maximize the growth and/or return on their businesses or proposed businesses.
Cap Ex Management has written hundreds of business plans and helped many companies become more efficient, focused and profitable!

We work with people who believe in smart money and those trying to get to the next level — whether it’s to grow a business, purchase a business, or expand a real estate portfolio.

  • Guide Mergers and/or Acquisitions
  • Evaluate business models and identify areas for tangible improvement
  • Advocate on behalf of business owners with respect to cost restructuring
  • Asset Management to maximize Real Estate investment

Mergers and Acquisitions

Between our extensive business experience and our commercial real estate experience, we work with you to find what company or franchise will fit best with your needs, abilities and finances.

Schedule an appointment to discuss how we can solve your problem/help you grow!

Business consulting to get to the next level

Ongoing Business Improvement or Restructuring

Sometimes a business hits a plateau or a problem and needs a fresh set of eyes to evaluate and come up with solutions. We have provided that outside perspective for many companies and helped them with new strategies to start growing again and increase their Return On Investment (ROI).

Business consulting for cost restructuring

Cost Restructuring

Besides strategy, it is often possible to make a business more profitable by taking a close look at the expenses and find ways to reduce costs. These range from insurance re-pricing to media utilization, staff resourcing, lease negotiation, balance sheet improvement and more.


Business consulting - analysis of problem

Analysis & Understanding

We first need to understand what is being requested and what is needed. Sometimes we find that what people think they need is not the real problem.

Maximize value

Maximize Value

Wishful thinking won’t change anything. You want to gather as much value out of your business as possible.

Gather financial information

Gather Financial Information

We'll start by requesting that you send us up to three years of year-end operating statements and six months of bank statements. We might request personal data depending on your situation.

Business consulting requires good communication


Cap Ex Management knows that finance can be uncomfortable for clients. Based on our knowledge of how to obtain financing, we communicate with our clients to ease their concerns throughout the process.

Do you have these or other questions?

How do I buy a business?

What type of property should I buy?

Am I profitable in line with my pro forma?

How can I solve cash flow problems?

How do I improve business operations?

How do I raise capital for a new investment?

There is no licensing for business brokers. Who do I trust?

Do I need due diligence for buying a property or business?

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