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More Commissions for residential real estate agents


Many residential real estate agents pass up commercial real estate deals because they don’t have the experience and/or bandwidth to deal with it. Partner with Cap Ex Management and Cap Ex Commercial (our commercial real estate sister company) and let us do the work and you make a commission! Not only for the real estate transaction but for the loan as well!

We help residential real estate agents invest for themselves


We have helped many residential agents who were investing in residential properties safely make the leap to commercial real estate investments.

Larger commissions for residential real estate agents


You can get paid a commission on the real estate transaction and a commission for referring the commercial finance transaction. In addition, if you want, Cap Ex Commercial, our sister company, can train you to do commercial real estate deals. You do more work, but you get a 50/50 split!

Commissions for residential real estate agents on various loans, besides purchases

More Options for Commissions!

You can not only get commissions on loans for purchase! If you know a company that wants to expand or redecorate their store or buy new equipment etc., you can earn a commission on those loans too!

why invest in commercial real estate

Why Invest in Commercial Real Estate?

- Laws are less restrictive
- Profits are typically higher
- Tenant hassles usually less - Tenants do longer term leases – 3-5 years or more
- Value determined more by cash flow than comps

Larger transactions means larger commissions for residential real estate agents

Larger Transactions = Larger Commissions

Typically, commercial transactions are larger than residential ones, so the commissions are larger

Value goes up with net income, not comparables

Cash Flow Valuation

This is important! If you increase income or decrease expenses, the value of the property goes up. Comps are less important. You can’t do that with residential!


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