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Why You Will Save Money by Having a
Commercial Finance Broker

Is There a Catch?

You may expect to pay money up front to Cap Ex Management. Some companies require this. Instead, we work with you and we don’t get paid until you are successful. Banks and attorneys require upfront payment. We don’t!

Hidden Fees

Lenders like to drop hidden expenses into loan transactions and lenders create conditions that you may not know how to negotiate out of. With our decades of experience, our job is to make you aware of these and negotiate them in your favor.

Lender Selection

There are variety of lenders in the market and a wide variety of loan types. Choosing the right one can have a big impact on what you will need to pay and affect your bottom line. We pride ourselves on finding the best loan for your needs.


Our extensive finance experience allows us to minimize your costs. Besides needing financing as a tenant, you may also need business financing to take you company to the next level.

Special Expertise

We are a commercial finance broker but also an underwriter, an asset specialist, a tenant leasing specialist, a property manager and a commercial real estate broker. This means we have seen all sides and aspects of transactions and have experience that others don’t. That means we can save you money on transactions compared to other financiers.

Site Selection AI Technology

We have new AI technology that puts the site selection process on steroids and is unlike anything else on the market. By helping find the most profitable location, it makes financing easier and lower cost because you will have higher profits compared to other locations. Best of all, there is no cost to you for using it whereas others charge.

Why Having Our Exclusive Representation Helps You

Loan Types

Depending on your business’s needs you may need a loan for purchasing a property or business, refinancing it or for a variety of other reasons, some of which are listed below.

Moving Expenses – Many expenses you might not think of and run out of cash if you don’t plan carefully. Here are a few:

  • Moving company – move both furniture and equipment
  • Build out expenses including electrical, plumbing, decorating and furnishing
  • You want to build out properly to maximize income, not based on what you can currently afford
  • Signage on store and on complex
  • Inspect roof and other due diligence
  • Funds to advertise address change and make online changes needed

Line of Credit – for working capital and other needs ex. LED lighting – use loan to switch and pay back with savings on electricity

Business Expansion
Equipment Financing

Business Acquisition

Which loan is right for you?

The type and length of loan should be matched to your needs or it can cost you unneeded expense. Amortization of loan can make a difference. The length of the loan should match the life of what is being purchased.

Hidden Fee Examples

Loan Fees – Fees lender charges to do the loan.

Loan Review Fees – Extra fees the bank charges to pay for their underwriting and for internal review of loan documents. Commercial loan fees can be negotiated down!

Points – For residential loans, points will reduce loan interest costs. But, for commercial loans, they are on top of loan fees and don’t reduce loan interest rate.

Two Things to Be Aware of When Looking for a Loan

Bank’s Underwriting Policy – Most people go to their bank when they need a loan because they already have a relationship. In fact, you may have gotten a loan with them in the past. Banks like you to be a depositor and it makes sense for you to do this. But loan requirements change all the time depending on what is happening at the bank and in the economy. You may be able to get a better deal elsewhere! Contact us to find out more!

Spread – Everyone talks about interest rates. The spread is the difference between your bank’s lending rate and your loan rate, which is also known as the risk premium. A stronger borrower will get a better rate for the same loan compared to a weaker borrower because there is lower risk.

Obtaining a Commercial Loan – Decisions to Make

Review the Choices You Need to Make When You Apply for a Commercial Loan