Commercial Loan

Always Focused on the Right Commercial Lending Strategy

Commercial business and real estate loans not regulated

Financing Commercial Real Estate and Businesses

Borrower Beware

There is minimal regulation in the commercial finance arena unlike residential lending. Working with a company, such as Cap Ex Management, that operates as a fiduciary focused exclusively on your interest, helps to ensure that you are treated as you wish to be treated.

Many companies in commercial lending do not act as fiduciaries, so beware.

Steps for a Commercial loan for business or real estate

How does Cap Ex Management Make Lending on a Commercial Property or Business Easy and Profitable for You?

  • 1

    Finding Debt – Getting prequalified by a bank or mortgage company
  • 2

    Loan Preparation – We use our years of experience to help investors and business owners look professional with lenders and equity partners through timely preparation. We have developed a comprehensive program to work with lenders and achieve optimal results for borrowers.
  • 3

    Changing Environment – We track changing financial environments and revisions to lender underwriting criteria that can torpedo a loan if not accounted for.

You have goals and investment constraints. There’s no sense proposing a deal that doesn’t match them.

We work with investors and also with business owners looking to buy their building.

You don’t plan on buying a property that’s going to sink you, and we won’t let you.

If you need “10 cash on cash and an 8/5 cap,” that is what we will find you.

Not sure what that means? Check the Glossary of Terms.
Cap Ex Management only considers itself successful when you’re successful!

Commercial loans for real estate buyers
Commercial business loans for businesses

You may be looking to buy a business or you have a business and you want to expand. There are a number of reasons that a business wants or needs a loan and a variety of loans to meet those needs.

Loans have different parameters that should be matched to the need. A loan that is great for one need could be disastrous in another situation. We walk you through those issues.

Following is a sample of different business loans that Cap Ex Management can help you with.

  • equipment loans
  • business acquisition loans
  • term loans
  • working capital loans
  • factoring (account receivable loans)
  • lines of credit
  • other loan products of interest to businesses.

Commercial Real Estate & Business Loans
What kind of loan do you need?

How We Help Buyers and Investors Overcome the Following Problems

Lack of Focus

You could be owning a number of properties or owning and growing a business.

Now, what if you could do that in 8-10 years and retire? Cap Ex Management helps you narrow down the specifics so you can find the right property or business loan to meet your goals. Then you can start to move forward looking for more deals to build your portfolio and your wealth so that you don’t have to keep going to that job.

Lack of Confidence

You don’t aggressively go after properties that are available to you or you’re not willing to pull the trigger because you don’t have someone who is knowledgeable and you trust to be by your side through the process. Cap Ex Management has the experience to assist you in completing your purchase so that your value is maximized.

Lack of Exclusivity

Borrowers don’t get offered loans because lenders only offer what they have available and Cap Ex Management works with a variety of lenders and can find the loan product that is best for you.

When we contract with you, we work in your interest right away, every step of the way. We will:

  • Help you find the loan
  • Help you find the property or business
  • Help you get a good attorney to write the best contract
  • Help you close a profitable deal

Lack of Resources

To get the maximum value from your acquisition we have access to a full suite of lenders and funders so that you achieve your business plan.

Financial institution commercial loans

Understanding How Financial Institutions Think of Loans

Loan to Value – Loan amount compared to the value of the building or business

Loan to Cost – Loan amount compared to the value of the building or business plus working capital and additional costs such as inventory purchase, equipment loans, and renovation of property

Capital Stack – Loan amounts plus equity in the building or business

The Why for Borrowing Money – It should be for buying or improving a property or business. Not for pleasure.

How Much to Borrow – You need to include for unexpected expenses and time delays. It is better to have a bit too much than be a penny short. Asking a lender for more money may not be approved and it will be more expensive, not only in the cost/rate charged but in time and pain.

Your Financial Situation – Lenders will look at your credit score and at other loans of the business or property and company liquidity to get a feel for being able to pay off the loan. But compared to residential, they will have a large factor considering the cash flow of the building or the business and not just your personal finances. The main thing lenders are looking for is how they will get paid back.