Commercial Finance for Business Owners and Landlords

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We have over 20 years experience in commercial finance and also as a commercial real estate broker, and an investor.

Grow your Real Estate Portfolio with Commercial Financing

Grow Your Real Estate Portfolio

Expert advice to help you most profitably buy new properties. Our expertise in both finance and real estate means we have put together great deals where others have failed.

Maximize your Commercial Investment

Grow Your Business

Businesses often need loans for expansion, major repairs, renovation or moving. We have access to a wide variety of loans and can find the one(s) best suited to your needs.

Maximize your Commercial Real Estate Investment or Business Investment

Maximize Your Investment

Whether you are a property owner or a business owner, we guide you regarding what building improvements, repairs and upgrades will have the biggest impact on the value of your property and the most cost-effective way to finance the project. Most finance companies are not structured to be able to do this.

Maximize Your Investment

We guide you regarding what repairs and upgrades are needed and which will have the biggest impact on the value of your property. We can also recommend top reasonably priced vendors for the work.
Market Knowledge of the Commercial Loan Market

Market Knowledge

Cap Ex Management pays careful attention to macro-economic trends that influence the commercial loan market, including rates and loan spreads.

Refinancing Your Commercial Property or Business


There are times when you need to refinance a property or it makes financial sense to refinance it. We track and let you know when is the right time and what are the best rates and terms you can get.

Optimize your Commercial Real Estate Portfolio

Optimize Your Commercial Real Estate Portfolio

A property may have completed its service life and you would be better off selling it. We can let you know this as part of our asset management role.

Reduce Tenant Turnover

Reduce Tenant Turnover

Many landlords refer us to their tenants. Why? Because, we can help your tenants with financing and potentially even business plans and make them stronger tenants and reduce turnover.

Why Cap Ex Management?

At the large commercial finance firms, they don’t want to deal with loans under $10 million and you will mostly be working with a junior broker. With Cap Ex Management you will be working with a broker with 20+ years of experience no matter the size of the loan.

Most finance people have limited real estate experience and most commercial real estate brokers have a minimal finance background. We have both, so we are able to put together deals others can’t and also make them more profitable for you.

Because of our combined business, real estate and finance expertise, we know how to gather the information needed to determine the best type of loan and debt structure. We also know how to write up the loan application to appeal to the line lender, the underwriter and the credit officer. This greatly increases the chance of success!

We have access to over 400 lenders. This allows us great flexibility in providing the loan that is perfect for your situation. Contact us to find out more.

We take all the data and boil it down to the simple metrics you need to effectively manage the property, maximize its value and cash flow and determine capital needs going forward

We have owned and financed a range of commercial real estate and have owned several businesses

We have written over 500 business plans and owned and run numerous businesses. Many of our customers find we not only do a great job with finance but can give valuable suggestions to improve the profitability and growth of their business.

We don’t have to worry about our stock price or the demands of a bank, so we can find the best deals for you.

We are one of the few lenders who also has extensive commercial real estate experience which gives us an edge in putting together complex deals. Or any deal for that matter.

Since we know numbers, we can value buildings or businesses correctly and proactively make your property or business look its best before applying for a loan, or before investors get to take a look if you are selling. As a finance company with experience in business and commercial real estate properties, we will help you gain maximum value from investments in businesses or property.

Fewer Worries, More Money

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Borrowers, Is Now the Right Time?

Commercial Financing for Building Owners

Common Reasons for Building Owners & Landlords to Borrow

  • Purchase more buildings
  • Consolidate or restructure debt
  • Upgrade building to increase rent
Maximize your Investment with Commercial Financing

Common Reasons for Businesses to Borrow

  • Expand to a new location
  • Move to a different location
  • Refurbish and update your store, office or warehouse
  • Purchase your building
  • Purchase new equipment or inventory
  • Purchase a business
  • Finance your operations / working capital